Jackson School provides a learning environment that allows children to thrive as well as strive, where they are nurtured even as they are challenged by educators committed to every facet of their growth, where values and virtues are cultivated just as carefully as intellectual abilities, and where each member of the community is called to love-themselves, each other, and learning-is a spirit of generosity inspired by faith. As a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston, we embrace their core values which are: Gracious Hospitality, Love and Service of the Dear Neighbor without Distinction, Peaceful Resolution of Conflict, and Care for All God's Creation.

A diverse and inclusive community rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, at Jackson School we teach, but more importantly, we aspire to live and bear witness to Gospel values, so that all children, regardless of their faith or family backgrounds, experience the love of God in their lives and develop a respect for and understanding of religious tradition, and Judeo-Christian tradition, in particular.

We believe that a 21st century Catholic education remains a profound gift to a child, but also a transformative gift to the world, because we understand our work as more than preparing students for academic success. We are preparing them for heroic goodness and compassionate leadership, however they may be called to practice them in their lives. This is our privileged work. We are grateful for the children and families who join us. And we invite you to come and see for yourself what a Jackson education gives to a child and gives to the world.
"And now we are here, at our graduation and our last day together as a class. Everything I have said so far is about what a great school Jackson School is. And it is: we have amazing teachers, a challenging curriculum, and have gained much knowledge. But memories are not the most important things we have. The most important things are the great friendships and the skills we will take from Jackson and how we use them to create a successful future. This is something that does not make graduation an end, but merely, a step into the bigger world. Jackson School has prepared us very well for this step and we, the class of 2016, have the privilege to take it."

 - Kevin Wakakuwa
   Class of 2016