Our School Uniform

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Comfort Meets Tradition

2024 – 2025 School Year

Proudly introducing:

Our new school uniform LOGO, PLAID, and PROVIDER,
plus: initial steps toward new school uniform STANDARDS.

New Uniform Logo and New Uniform Plaid





The School’s new uniform logo celebrates the unified name of our entire school.
The new plaid matches the School’s brand colors (blues + red).

NOTE: Student(s) are welcome to wear uniform apparel pieces with the former uniform logo and plaid as those pieces naturally cycle out of rotation over time. This includes any pieces recently purchased from the School’s used uniform sale.

New Uniform Provider

Our new school uniform provider is Metro School Uniforms.

Where & When to Purchase New Uniform Items

The School will notify families by email and by social media (Facebook and Instagram) when our Metro School Uniforms ordering page is up and running.

Families are also encouraged to check back here to this webpage for the latest information.

  • Our school’s first new uniform sale through Metro School Uniforms will open soon and run through July 17.
  • The next sale will be from July 18 – August 3.
  • It will take two weeks for ordered items to be shipped or picked up at Metro School Uniforms in Dorchester.

If you have questions about our NEW school uniform, please email Amanda Donigan Gibbs (agibbs@jwpschools.org), Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management, and Kristin Bedard (kbedard@jwpschools.org), Director of Advancement & Communications.

Thank you!