Jackson Walnut Park Hosts Chinese Educators

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Mr. Xu, Chairman of the Board of China Zhejiang Fuyang Education Group, and selected principals and administrators from some of their seven schools in Hangzhou Fuyang, located southwest of Shanghai, visited Jackson Walnut Park Schools on October 4. The group is on a two-week tour across the U.S. to visit American schools. They meet with western educators and school leaders to learn more about western pedagogy and school leadership to help them develop western style education programs to serve their 10,000 students.

Spending the day at JWP, the Chinese educators met with interim President Dr. Vittoria Pacifico. They toured Jackson Elementary with Principal Susan Niden and Walnut Park Montessori with interim Head of School Stephanie Marcucci.

The visiting elementary, middle, and high school educators were led by Dr. Mark DiFabio, President and CEO of DiFabio Consulting, LLC. As the Director of Foreign Programs-Human Resources, he advises and works with the board and the schools to develop their western education programs.