"inspire children to love learning, love God, and love one another"



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Founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston on an educational philosophy of continuous progress, the school’s administration, faculty and staff remain committed to the flourishing of every child and promote a caring environment that meets the individual learning needs of each student. A comprehensive program of study in a Catholic learning community fosters the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of all students from kindergarten to Grade 6.

Intentionally welcoming and open to students of any race, creed, color, and ethnic origin, Jackson offers a balanced combination of intellectual discipline, social and emotional development, as well as  faith formation. In partnership with our families, we nurture human relationships that develop the whole person, instill a sense of virtue and social responsibility, and call students to service to others and care of all God’s creation.

Our curriculum includes an award-winning STEAM program that builds skills and creative and critical thinking strategies, empowering students to become enthusiastic and collaborative learners. Our small class sizes allow for differentiated instruction and individual attention. Teachers meet children where they are and encourage each child’s increasing competency in all subject areas. In a school setting that models values inspired by the Roman Catholic faith, we acknowledge, learn from, and celebrate the many God-given gifts and growing virtues of our students and of our colleagues.

Our Mission

Animated by the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston, the mission of Jackson Walnut Park is to inspire children to love learning, love God, and love one another. An inclusive Catholic school community committed to the flourishing of the whole child, we pursue academic excellence, promote service to others, and foster peace.

Children’s Mission Statement

As students of Jackson School, we strive to love God and all creation. We take care of each other, work hard, and always try to do our best.