Song and Light

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The children of Walnut Park Montessori School radiated delight in their musical talent at the traditional “Song and Light” concert that celebrates the Christmas and Holiday season. The December 20th concert was presented for the first time on their home stage in the stunning new JWP Student Center.

Directed by music teacher Mr. Nick Linder, the oldest of the preschoolers filled roles that included introducing the pieces the children would sing, and that of drummers, bell-ringers, and a flag-holder. The children’s songs, sung in four different languages, reached the far corners of the Student Center. They opened with a Nigerian Welcome Song with words that gave meaning in its native language to “hello,” “welcome,” and “peace.” A medley of “Silent Night,” a carol first performed 200 years ago; “Joy to the World,” “Frosty,” “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah,” and “Jingle Bells” was sung with hand and arm movements interpreting the children’s joy and excitement.

Walnut Park “seniors” learned two songs in Mandarin to perform before their audience of proud parents, siblings, and grandparents, “Shu Xing Xing (Counting Stars)” and “If You are Happy and You Know It.”

The “Song and Light” celebration closed with “The Pirate Song,” “Sancte Joseph” in honor of the beloved Sisters of Saint Joseph, “God Bless America,” and the children’s own “Walnut Park School Song.”

As families gathered for refreshments and exchanged holiday and Christmas greetings, a merry gentleman arrived, dressed in a red suit and black boots. An exciting visit with Santa added to the sparkle of Walnut Park Montessori School’s awe-inspiring performance.