Preparing Children for Academic Success and Lives of Purpose


Mission and History

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Preparing Children for Academic Success and Lives of Purpose

Jackson Walnut Park School Mission

Animated by the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston, the mission of Jackson Walnut Park School is to inspire children to love learning, love God, and love one another. An inclusive Catholic school community committed to the flourishing of the whole child, we pursue academic excellence, promote service to others, and foster peace.

Jackson Elementary Student Mission

As students of Jackson Elementary, we strive to love God and all creation. We take care of each other, work hard, and always try to do our best.

Core Values

  • Intellectual growth
  • Community-building
  • Love and service of neighbor
  • Peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Care for all God’s creation


Jackson Walnut Park School traces its roots to two schools established more than 50 years ago by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

From its inception, Jackson Walnut Park School has welcomed children of all faiths and of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The school has strived to provide a rigorous academic environment where students develop their unique potential and talents, joy in learning, independence, and curiosity, and grow into dynamic and value-formed leaders.

Today, Jackson Elementary and Walnut Park Montessori operate as one school, Jackson Walnut Park School, under the governance of one unified Board of Trustees and sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

Jackson Elementary and Walnut Park Montessori  share a commitment to Gospel values, to meeting each child where they are, and to calling all students to reach their highest potential, while caring for one another, serving communities in need, and treating those around us as “dear neighbors.”


Jackson Elementary has repeatedly been ranked the top school in the Archdiocese of Boston for achievement and growth. In 2018, Jackson Elementary was voted the Family Favorite Winner for Faith-Based Elementary Schools by the Boston Parents’ Paper and Walnut Park Montessori was recognized as the Best Montessori Preschool for a second consecutive year.

Rewarding Futures

Jackson graduates are accepted to highly-regarded pre-secondary and secondary schools in the Greater Boston area.