Lower Elementary

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In Kindergarten through Grade 3, Jackson's curriculum encourages the growing independence and academic competencies of the young learner. Experienced educators and supportive classroom environments also foster the social, emotional, and spiritual development of each student.

Our academic program begins in kindergarten and continues through sixth grade when Jackson graduates continue their educational journey at some of the best secondary schools in the Boston area. Nurturing and talented faculty encourage students to take risks, challenge themselves, and learn from each other. The classroom environment is carefully prepared to create opportunities that inspire creativity and student collaboration.

Our curriculum for the lower grades (kindergarten through grade three, including a multiage 1/2 classroom) centers on the the student’s understanding and development of the core competencies in  language arts, mathematics, religion, science, and social studies. In addition to these fundamentals, we engage our students in many co-curricular areas including art, music, physical education, technology, library, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. These co-curriculars are taught by specialists in each area.

The years in the lower grades are a time of growth and development. We believe that nurturing a positive self-concept and cultivating a love for learning are the essential goals of these formative years. Small class sizes allow each student to receive a  personalized education and differentiated instruction. Responsive Classroom practices foster a sense of community and create joyful and peaceful learning environments that inspire our students to love learning, to love one another and to love the world around them.