Upper Elementary

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Our upper elementary program, which begins in grade four and continues through grade six, is built upon a call and a commitment to academic excellence. Highly qualified teachers employ a variety of differentiated instructional teaching strategies to unlock the full potential of each student. Our religion program and outreach projects enhance the educational experience and faith journey for our upper grade students. We believe that the complete education of a child should inspire their hearts to promote a peaceful world.

A challenging curriculum invites students to discover the world around them and think critically about it. Our goal is to educate and inspire our upper elementary students to lead lives of purpose and transform the world. Students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences that support their intellectual and personal growth and also prepare them to secondary schools with confidence.

Core subjects for the upper level students include language arts, mathematics, religion, social studies and science with a focus on STEAM education. The curriculum is enhanced with three world languages Latin is required for grades 5 and 6. A choice of either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese is also offered. Classes in Art, Music, Technology, Library, Physical Education and Health are combined with the core curriculum subjects to create a well -balanced learning experience for our students.