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A vibrant learning community for young children, Jackson Walnut Park Schools, nurture and educate the whole child in an atmosphere that fosters curiosity and independence in the youngest students, and promotes competence, compassion, resilience, and leadership qualities as students grow. A Catholic school community, JWP teachers model and teach values inspired by faith in Jesus Christ.

An authentic Montessori curriculum instills a love of learning in a collaborative environment and prepares Walnut Park toddlers and preschoolers for the challenging, discovery-based program of study in Jackson Elementary. The intellectual, spiritual, and social flourishing that students experience at JWP continues well beyond the selective middle and high schools they go on to attend. It forms in them a foundation that lasts a lifetime, benefiting the communities, families, and professions they will later serve. For this reason, Jackson Walnut Park was recognized as the 2018 winner of the Boston Parents Paper’s Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Faith-Based Elementary School, and — for two consecutive years — Best Montessori Preschool!